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Cognitive Therapy

Cognitive therapy, as does Mental Training, works in the present field,

but assumes that mans mental processes have been shaped by the growing up environment, where different experiences and life-events creates life-rules or basic assumptions. These life-rules can be described as conceptions about oneself, the surroundings and the future.

Sometimes these life-rules shows to be less well-working for the individual, they become dysfunctional. This can lead to different kinds of psychic suffering for the individual.

In cognitive psychotherapy the aim is to change or modify these rules, so that they become more functional for the individual.

Both the cognitive psychotherapy (KPT) and the cognitive behavioural therapy (KBT) work, as does the Mental Training, with the inner mental processes thoughts, images, feelings).

By changing the content of these processes, the behaviour and our way to function and fell also changes.

I’m educated in psychotherapy step 1.