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Developmental Hypnosis

Hypnosis therapy

Hypnosis is a state of concentrated attention, that can be applied on problems of various character such as worry, fears, agony, phobias, insomnia, pain etc.

Regression therapy
This is a mental treatment with a healing effect. To backtrack to earlier periods and find forgotten and blocking memories that interferes negatively on daily life. It’s a method to find the roots of the symptoms. The purpose is that the memories that are re-lived through the regression are being integrated and lead to insights on the present life-situation.

During hypnosis an opportunity is given to go beyond logical, critical thinking to find solutions to the problems, life-patterns and repeats that you frequently finds yourself in front of.

I’m a certified hypnosis-therapist through the Jane Parson-Fein Training Institute in the United States, which is an education of 2 years of length. I’ve also participated in a number of other educations on hypnosis and am a member of the Swedish Hypnosis Association.

Developmental Hypnosis