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Mental Training

As a licensed Mental Trainer I use Mental Training both in course activities and the work with clients.

Our mental processes, thoughts, images and feelings, affects and directs our way to be, function and feel. The mental training seeks to give these inner processes the content that leads to a good life and a high life-quality.

The basic training contains:

1. Muscular relaxation
2. Mental relaxation
3. Self image-training
4. Projection image-training

Through the basic training the body learns to work in a relaxed and energy-sparing way at the same time as a basic feeling of peace, security and safety is created and "put in” as a basic feeling that shall be present throughout life. The basic training also contains the creation of ones own "mental room”, which is used both for rest and recovery and to program images of oneself and the future.

In the attitude-training an optimism is created, that is important both for health and performance. In the life quality-training the positive feelings that gives life a positive and high life-quality, is created.

In both the courses and patient activity, many practical and concrete practises are integrated, together with some theoretic basics.

In addition to solving the personal problems that one often seeks guidance for, the mental training develops a life-attitude, self-confidence, stress-durability, ability to see possibilities and a positive thinking that gives life a higher dimension.

The mental training is a tool for life!
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Mental Training