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New Life Potential®

About the trademark New Life Potential®

There are many different ways to work towards your New Life Potential - for some coaching fits best, for others mental training, a third gets the best results with NLP and a fourth with hypnosis.

But usually you get the strongest and most sustainable impact through a combination of all four disciplines - and that is how I mainly work, as well with myself as with others, to get the best possible results and get the most and best out of life. It is wonderful to have the privilege to work with and see people grow, to make the most of their lives - this is my biggest motivation and momentum - Education and Training for a better world.

New Life Potential®

is a registered trademark through which I train and promote training programs and services in Mental Training, Coaching, NLP and Developmental Hypnosis.

New Life Potential with Mental Training New Life Potential with Coaching New Life Potential with NLP New Life Potential with Developmental Hypnosis