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NLP Trainings

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, is one of the worlds fastest growing modern psychological models, and one of the most effective methods to gain personal and professional results.

NLP is very HOW-concentrated. One of the founders, John Grinder, allegedly said:

NLP is not interested in what’s true,
but in what works.

This puts ethic and moral demands on anyone who learns, trains and uses this knowledge and skills in his or hers professional contact with other people.

The internationally approved certification that is part of NLP, is a way to quality certificate its use. The certification within NLP emanates from the same basic demands throughout the world. This gives you who have accomplished the NLP programs, a unique opportunity to take part of other NLP-based education wherever in the world you will live and work.

As a certified NLP-trainer I offer, together with partners, courses on Practitioner, Master and Trainer levels. Training language is Swedish.

See: www.nordicinstitute.se 
(site in Swedish only)

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